Introducing Me

“do do do do do do (Nick Jonas voice) introduuucing me”


I’m Kellie


  • That’s me!

I’m a student at LMU but spend most of my time in the dark and difficult-to-find offices of the Loyolan, where I have just started my second term as editor-in-chief. I love caramel lattes, wine, trips to the beach and most of all forcing discussions about politics, news, world affairs and feminism on my family and friends.

As much as I may have wanted to talk about things other than journalism, the truth is that journalism, news and media have been a big part of my life going on a decade (yikes that sounds bad in my head). Before I start to go into a spiral over how age and time are slowly slipping away from me – let me explain that the Loyolan is the fourth student publication I have held the position of EIC at, going back to middle school.

To say I’m a news junkie is putting it lightly, I’m often told that the number of notifications I receive from news apps alone is shameful. I think they’re more upset that I refuse to clear the notifications until I read the story, that’s an issue for another time. The reason I am a journalist and want to continue in the field is due to my love for finding and sharing stories that may be unknown, educating audiences on topics they aren’t familiar with and to giving them a new perspective they may not have considered.

Digital media, it seems, is evolving at lightspeed with new platforms and preferences changing by the second. I’m excited about the the new outlets to consume media. New multimedia companies being created such as Crooked Media that is expanding from podcasts into articles, are exciting opportunities for new journalists and creators, such as myself, as we enter the workforce.

While at the same time, the same energy that has fueled the digital push, it has also created a plethora of content and places for it to go, leading to in the current media landscape.

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