Response to ‘What is Code’

Code is the language of computers and the perfectly connected freeways that pass information. Code is what it takes to get machines computing.

During his explanation of the ways we use computers without knowing – and the ways we will use computers in the future, Ford’s note on over exposure to technology struck me.

“When you use computers too much—which is to say a typical amount—they start to change you.” Ford said. “I’ve had Photoshop dreams, Visio dreams, spreadsheet dreams, and Web browser dreams. The dreamscape becomes fluid and can be sorted and restructured. I’ve had programming dreams where I move text around the screen.”

I absolutely related to loving the advancements in technology and wanted to consume and experience them first hand, out of excitement or necessity. But over time it becomes too much – I often still suffer from what my neurologist best describes as “computer migraines,” due to the light and angle of using computers.

In that way I think journalists and code are connected. Both journalism and code have the potential to unlock information for the few and for the masses but as we can see today, it needs to be done well and over saturation is very possible.

This article (the part that I have read so far) explained the functions of code in a digestible way and showed the ways we are inundated with technology and are influenced by it, even if we do not realize. There are many intricacies in the complex world of computers and code and I can’t help but wonder exactly what the “make” and “break” codes are as I type this.

The easy functionality and user accessibility of personal computers in the last decade has made the complex machines seem to operate on their own.



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