Blogs and cyberspace, oh my

I wish I could say I remember a world without the internet, but that just is not true. While there was a time in my life in which the internet didn’t have the capabilities it has today, wasn’t as accessible, used as often or for as many purposes, as it is today, but it was always there. And technology was not just there, but was something I used, enjoyed, was for no understandable reason to my parents, had an innate understanding of. That rings true today.

I’d categorize myself as a digital native, but I also believe it’s possible technology and the digital sphere may progress so much that I may become a new digital immigrant, but I think i have at least a couple decades for that. John Barlow’s cyberspace piece  (written 10 months before I was born) in 1996, discusses the regulation of the digital space by the government and quick advancement of the technology and adaptation by the younger generation. The changes in technology make the time in which it’s being analyzed all the more important to understand the perspective. It was impossible to know then or predict the way in which digital technology would change our everyday lives.  The weblog piece, by Jay Rosen in 2004, was keen to the strides blogs were going to make, look at the Huffington Post as an example of blog turned mainstream media following.  

Blogs have evolved drastically, since 2004 – with website design and activity being completely different – drawing in audiences in on specific niche blogs as well as broad all-encompassing blogs. Blogs are still in an amateur space and I believe that’s how it’s defined – while websites today with many contributors and staff, began as blogs they no longer are. While websites may still have blogs, I think they engage in a more informal way with the audience than traditional op-eds or news stories.


photo by: new7ducks / Freepik

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