Digital Native

The Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants piece by Marc Prensky discussed the divide between the generations before everyday technology and those that grew up with it.

While reading the piece, as Prensky discussed the difficulty digital immigrants have with their “accent” in teaching natives. I was reminded of a computer class I registered for in the seventh grade. The teacher was in his late 70’s and would go on to retire the next year. The class focused on computer basics: typing, every day. I don’t think the teacher knew what he wasn’t teaching us that he could have been. I wonder what difference that class might have been if it had been angled to coding instead of typing.

For no apparent reason, I’ve had an innate understanding of computers and technology, with the constant access to them since the day I was born. I have no doubt that for the current moment in time I am a digital native. But this can and likely will change with time. As technology continues to advance and what is required from the user changes, I may become unfamiliar.

Media can connect and relate audiences around the world. The ability to connect one another has created small communities that exist only in cyberspace. Yet each of the happenings can and are taken out into daily lives. This allows online communities to grow and influence real life. Audiences adapt to their media, what is popular varies, and how we consume changes, all for audiences to gauge and change with.



Photo by:  Crisóstomo Barroso via wikimedia commons

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