Power audio

photo via eschipul | Flickr creative commons


Podcasts are booming. Both in numbers of consumers and the number of podcasts available on a variety of platforms.

Choose your poison, there are both niche topic podcasts and those that take a broad look at the world, internationally, nationally, locally. Some are focused on the news and others are narratives.

While I am a fan and daily listener to podcasts I didn’t realize the intricacies that go into recording and producing that audio, both infield and out.

As Hepworth noted there are many different formats for podcasts to take, I often listen to the hybrid style, most commonly in the NYT The Daily, which often combines an in-office rundown of the daily news, with sound bites from real events and even field interviews.

What I took away from Hepworth’s piece on recording podcasts, was that in a lot of ways it is back to the basics but with a new format. Journalistically, these pieces have to be sound and they take a lot of preparation on the part of the recorder and interviewer.

Being able to adjust yourself, your equipment and timing to the story, location and subjects are greatly important for moving with the story and finding it where it goes.

Something I often think of when I hear stark audio bites in podcasts, is the possibility for podcasts to be unethical, in the reproduction of the audio, mixed with editing and narrative and taking the quote out of context.

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