Social journalism

img: Geralt via pixabay

Journalists now, no longer need to have one large publication attached to their name, but a social account, a handle, and a good following can provide them a place to share their thoughts and provide them a platform to be discovered by followers or future collaborators.

Journalists utilize social platforms to share current updates with their followers, the public and readers.

I’m hesitant to say anyone posting to Facebook is engaging in social journalism, but also do not want to discount any possible credibility that may have. While citizen journalism has increased I still believe journalism comes from practice and experience, working in the field in some capacity. And that not everything “report” should be considered journalism.

Also, not everything journalists posts on social media is social journalism. There needs to be some intent to inform and present something new, with valid information involved for the social posting to be considered journalism.

There is an endless supply of posts on the internet masquerading as social journalism I think deciphering between them takes some social literacy. You must first look at the source, evaluate and then decide to trust the information.




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