Live tweeting: Honeymoon Standup

When you think of live tweeting it may seem more appropriate for big news events, to keep people up to date. However, live tweeting entertainment-based programs is what I encounter much more frequently.

I made the choice, for this assignment, to live tweet a standup comedy special on Netflix. Now, standup comedy posses an interesting dynamic to live tweeting, so much of comedy is in the delivery, should tweets: capture that? Respond in part to the joke? Or state it clearly? For this I decided to take a few different approaches in my live tweeting.

While I wanted to convey the points of her standup, I also wanted to participate in someway. I related to much of what she said and found it engaging to include just a bit of myself.

Live tweeting comedy is hard, it moves fast, and comedy is hard to get across in text and typing one tweet can make it hard to stay current on the next joke and it’s so interconnected.

I felt more in tune with what I was watching as I live-tweeted, being forced to pay attention to almost everything that was said and done to be able to summarize and convey in a tweet in many fewer words.


photo via youtube




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