Photo posts

The New Silk Road piece in the New Yorker is a visually dominated piece. It features roughly 20 images taken by Davide Monteleone in China and captions with each, along with an intro written by Jiayang Fan the article contains very little other text. The photos in the article illustrate and capture life along the... Continue Reading →

Digital Native

The Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants piece by Marc Prensky discussed the divide between the generations before everyday technology and those that grew up with it. While reading the piece, as Prensky discussed the difficulty digital immigrants have with their "accent" in teaching natives. I was reminded of a computer class I registered for in the... Continue Reading →

Blogs and cyberspace, oh my

I wish I could say I remember a world without the internet, but that just is not true. While there was a time in my life in which the internet didn’t have the capabilities it has today, wasn’t as accessible, used as often or for as many purposes, as it is today, but it was... Continue Reading →

Response to ‘What is Code’

Code is the language of computers and the perfectly connected freeways that pass information. Code is what it takes to get machines computing. During his explanation of the ways we use computers without knowing - and the ways we will use computers in the future, Ford's note on over exposure to technology struck me. "When... Continue Reading →

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