Social journalism

img: Geralt via pixabay Journalists now, no longer need to have one large publication attached to their name, but a social account, a handle, and a good following can provide them a place to share their thoughts and provide them a platform to be discovered by followers or future collaborators. Journalists utilize social platforms to share... Continue Reading →

Power audio

photo via eschipul | Flickr creative commons   Podcasts are booming. Both in numbers of consumers and the number of podcasts available on a variety of platforms. Choose your poison, there are both niche topic podcasts and those that take a broad look at the world, internationally, nationally, locally. Some are focused on the news and others... Continue Reading →

Photo posts

The New Silk Road piece in the New Yorker is a visually dominated piece. It features roughly 20 images taken by Davide Monteleone in China and captions with each, along with an intro written by Jiayang Fan the article contains very little other text. The photos in the article illustrate and capture life along the... Continue Reading →

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